Friday, January 05, 2007

The Very Last 2006 Hot Mama Ride Dec 30 w/ Karen & Celia

Last December 30th, I headed to Karen's house by China Camp early morning. We made the deal that we were going to ride slow, keeping a relaxed very mellow pace to keep a zone 1 heart rate, kind of a recovery ride. Sure...

It was really cold, I could see frozen cars, streets, roofs, etc... but since I committed to be at her house and the ride was going to be easy I just went for it. After bundle up in many warm layers, Karen and I went for our "mellow, zone 1, recovery" ride that started with a "very mild mellow" climb directly to the top of the Nike site! Karen is nuts! In less than 20 minutes we were already at the top of China Camp. These cross country racers are a royal pain in the #$%@!!!

Back at the more challening side of China Camp, we joined Jon riding with a friend for a little while, and ended up riding a section of the "M&M trail". That section (an "easy" section) was so steep that in order to ride it with no dabs I had my chin/face on top of my saddle! These downhillers design some challenging trails! They are nuts!

Sand Hill Ranch & the UPS Connection

I am very pleased with UPS not only for its delivery service but also for connecting me with Tara...

Everything started with Tara asking Sally (my partner) if there was any biker living in the house as she has been delivering bike parts for quite some time. Sally told her about me, got her email and the UPS connection happened!

Since then, Tara (who is an awesome rider) and I have been in races and rides together. Hot Mamas: Dana, Becky and Wendy have ridden with Tara plus her sweet boyfriend Eric and good friend Jason who are also great riders.

Last December 17th, Dana and I got invited by Tara to go with Eric, Jason and other friends to Sand Hill Ranch to check out the mountain cross, slalom and free ride jumps.

The UPS connection made it possible for me and Dana to experience the unlimited thrill, incredible joy, powerful adrenaline rush and deep accomplishment feeling one experiences when having the cojones or the cocoya to move your bike against gravity and fly using your wheels as wings.

One of the most fascinating phenomena to me is how free riding connects people across the age spectrum. Regardless of how young or old you are, if you are there to fly with your wheels you are in! (Although your older body takes a little longer to heal when you crash...).

Jason is also a photographer, a painter and a graphic designer. He is the author of the blog I Hate Bikes, a collection of riding photos and stories about friends riding bikes.

Click below to read the story Jason wrote and check out the awesome pictures he fortunately took so I have a proof that Dana and I actually did jump over that car in the picture!.

Girl Power at Sand Hill Ranch