Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hot Mama Ride China Camp April 13th, 2008

Last Sunday's Hot Mamas that came to the China Camp ride were (from left to right): Leigh, Hannah, Celia and first timer Debra. Leslie also came but she comes later in the ride...

The four of us decided to ride the loop clockwise for a change. Although for about half of the loop we stayed together, Leigh was riding with Debra in the back and I was riding with Hannah in the front. Debra was a trooper. She rode half of the loop on her rigid cruiser bike. And Hannah was determined to clear all the switchbacks, which she did! all of them!

At about half way through the loop we found Hot Mama Leslie who was running a little late and missed the ride start. Cool that she rode the loop counterclockwise so we were able to see her and say hi. Leslie continue the ride on her own, Leigh and Debra bailed to get to the cars early, and Hannah and I finished the loop. It was another fun ride on a warm sunny day!

Stay tune for the next rides on Sunday April 27th!