Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last Women's Ride of 2007: Wed Sep 19th

Seven women showed up this last time! yeah! Celia, Francine, Dolores, Suzie, Lornita, Karen and Nicole. But only 6 of us gathered by the kiosk at San Pedro Road around 5:30 pm to ride the last Women's Ride of the year around the front side of China Camp. And yes, there are only 5 women in the picture above.... What about the 6th and the 7th women? Well, the picture above was taken at the end of the ride and only 5 of us finished the ride together, from left to right: Francine, Dolores, Suzie, Celia and Nicole. So what happened?! Do we still have two women lost in China Camp from last night?!! Keep reading if you want to know what happened.

Karen took off after half an hour for some back-to-school night event leaving her daughter Nicole with us who showed us how fast she is riding around those switchbacks and singletracks. Watch out for this 8th grader girl who is going to be kicking butts next year when she gets into her highschool mountain bike team.

Yesterday was a end of season day, practically the first day of the Fall. The day was cold and very windy, and somehow people went crazy around the 101 because it was literally a parking lot which was the reason why Lornita couldn't join us on time. We decided not to wait for Lornita as she was stuck in the 101, but we agreed to have her start the loop counterclockwise to meet us at some point as we were riding it clockwise.

Because the sun was rapidly setting, we decided to take the Oat Ridge fireroad shortcut to get back to the cars faster. So Francine called Lornita to let her know. Good for cell phones! Lornita made an U-turn to come back to meet with us and good she thought about bringing a night light because by the time she got to the car it was totally dark. She rode by herself but she was happy she got on her bike and actually enjoyed doing some night riding to start practicing for winter and stay in shape like a Hot Mama.

As I was fearing, none of us went anywhere to have beers afterwards. (This is why I miss having boys on the rides!). But I went home and drank my favorite non-alcoholic beer Dark Clausterhauler. It relaxes me like beer does, it tates like a good lager beer tastes and best of all, it has way less calories than a beer so it keeps me like a Hot Mama!!!
We will resume these rides next year in Spring 08. Stay tuned and stay Hot Mama!!!

A BIG thank you to Mike's Bikes for promoting this ride by spreading the voice and offering good discounts to the Hot Mamas.
And CONGRATULATIONS to Dolores, who placed 2nd on an important and competitive gokart race at Infineon. Her sponsor gave her a new machine to race faster. The trophe she got is bigger than her!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wed Sep 5th Women's Ride w/ Sue, Clare & Celia

Last Wednesday Sep 5th, Clare, Sue and Celia showed up for the Women's Ride. As usual, we did the front loop of China Camp. Click in the MotionBased map below to view the ride stats, ride Google map and even the ride Google Earth!

Map of CHina Camp Front Loop

Clare was a first timer, she came to say goodbye as she is heading up to Cambridge for college. But I am sure we will see her again.

Toward the end of the ride, Sue became a true mountain biker. She hit some dry roots or something on the trail that made her loose control of her bike to go over the handlebars. She scratched her elbow, her shoulder and her face. The wounds were superficial but enough to be considered the initiation of her mountain biking path. After making sure Sue and her bike were all right, we continued on with the ride on a nice steady pace to finish right before sunset.

See you all on Wednesday Sep 19th at 5:30 pm at San Pedro Rd by the kiosk. Be ready to roll and 6:00 pm.