Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sunday Dec 2 - Rockville with the Ladies

We were all behaving as ladies should by the beginning of our hot mamas ride in Rockville. You can appreciate our distinguished poses in the picture above. From left to right: Celia, Dana, Lisa, our ride leader Karen, and Jackie.

By the end of the ride though, our behavior was unspeakable and shameful. As you can appreciate in the picture below, we were behaving like cheap drunk street women. From left to right: Celia a.k.a. Puff the Venezuelan; Karen a.k.a. Godess Saheeenna; Jackie a.k.a. Fearless Jumper; Dana a.k.a. Crossdresser; and Lisa a.k.a. Common Sense Wannabe. Everything started by some weird feather ritual our leader asked us to do just a few minutes into our ride. (I actually think she probably arrived to Rockville a few minutes earlier, sacrificed a bird, ate it and left the feathers around for the ritual). Karen told us to place the feathers in our helmets so we could "fly" the trails. Since she was the ride leader, we just obeyed her and did so. Here is Karen placing magic feathers on Lisa's helmet. Lisa already looks weird... Dana already with her feathers with a weird shape jacket on her backpack. Here is Jackie putting her feathers on her helmet. Weird... Celia with hers as well, feeling weird with a funny smile already. We then proceeded to look at that rock Dana has been dreaming about for months. A rock in the shape of a perfect ramp about 3 feet and a half high. Look how high Dana's right foot is!!! And Dana is a quite tall woman! Karen, Celia and Jackie's feathers helped them jump over the rock several times. But one of Jackie's feathers fell from her helmet right before her last jump and DAAANG!!$#@^% she felt on her ribs. Fortunately she was able to keep going with the ride, although she was more conservative on her riding. Wise decision. Here is Jackie lauching the rock right before her crash. After jumping the rock, we went playing in the rock garden while invoking Saheeenna's powers and repeating the ride's mottos: "Saheeenna!", "pedal like a dyke", "lean back like the pooping position" when jumping and riding downhill shoots. Here is Dana tangled on a tree after a crash. We finally took time off to rest and eat... and humm ooops show some butt. And toward the end of the ride Karen showed us how to ride down a quite technical section, very steep, rockie and with roots. See Celia below walking the section up so you can appreciate how steep that section is!. Now this is Celia cleaning the section! Followed by Dana also cleaning the section! And I wanted to end this ride report with the super smooth style of our ride leader and teacher Karen Saheeenna going down the same section. What a rider!