Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thanks to all the Hot Mama Mountain Bikers!

Thank you to all Hot Mama Mountain Bikers for an awesome clinic last Saturday!

Here is a picture with almost everyone... we took the picture at the end of the clinic after some of the hot mamas were already gone. :-( 

I have to share with you this very nice feedback I got from one of you:
"Hi celia, Saturday's clinic was so fun. Thank you for all you do to empower and strengthen women - in mind, body and spirit. I will be in touch within the week to schedule another one on one instruction. Have a great day!"
And Christina told me that one of you said to her:
"I am going to tell my husband to send you flowers 'cause I ended the day a more confident rider"
By the way, since several women weren't able to register because the clinic was full, we have decided to offer another Hot Mamas clinic just for women on June 19th, so spread the word!

Thank you!