Monday, October 23, 2006

This week ride: Thursday Oct 26

Ride date: Thursday Oct 26, 2006
Meeting place: Java Hut parking lot, Fairfax
Meeting time: 6:00 pm
Starting time: 6:30 pm BRING YOUR LIGHTS!!!
Ride duration: 2 - 2.5 hours
Ride area: around Fairfax
Ride skill level: Advance*

*IMPORTANT: Hot Mama Rides are classified as follow:
-Beginner: not applicable;
-Intermediate: not very technical singletracks and not very steep climbs, e.g. the front loop of China Camp;
-Intermediate to advance: some technical singletracks and some steep climbs e.g. Tamarancho loop;
-Advance: challenging singletracks with technical descends, steep climbs and tight switchbacks e.g. back side of China Camp, the Dominican side.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Oct 20: Mt. Tam Delight - Modified Version

Pam, Dana and I planned to meet at Deer Park around 7:30 am to start pedaling around 8:00 am. I was running 15 minutes late and couldn't call them because I left my cellular at home. Gosh! how dependant we have become to this electronics! I was hoping Dana and Pam were running late too, and my wishes came true. Kris brought the news to me to Deer Park since Pam called her to let her know she was running late. Kris stopped by before leaving for work. Thanks Kris!

We ended up starting around 9:00 am. Oh well... getting confused about starting times happens once in a while, plus the waiting was forgotten right away when the three of us were pedaling up Deer Park toward Mt. Tam. We did modify the original ride plan since we were an hour late but still got to ride awesome trails on that awesome mountain. It is almost too small to be called a mountain, but it offers so many different gorgeous spots around its skirts in all directions. I just love Mt. Tam.

During the ride we got to practice several sections several times. Pam was coaching me and Dana on different technical sections. And by the way, Pam cleaned all sections of the ride on her very first time riding it! And Dana cleaned several sections on several trails she couldn't clean before!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tuesday Oct 17 Hot Mama Ride

Last Tuesday I decided at the last minute to go for a ride. I called Dolores and Dana to see if they would ride with me that night. I couldn't start until 8:30 pm so I didn't think they would come. But I wanted some company. Dolores and Dana couldn't. And unfortunately I couldn't hook up with Wendy in time who went for a ride somewhere with her boyfriend. I then called Joanmary hoping she was in town and yes! she was available!

Joanmary came a little earlier to say hi to Sally and the kids. And we went for a Headlands 2 hours ride behind my house. We used the opportunity to catch up with our lives, talked about our new jobs and our plans for the future while paying attention to the wild life. We saw an owl and three deers, but no bob cats or mountain lions.

Let's ride next week. Send me an email if you have a plan for a ride.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hot Mama Ride Oct 10th Deer Park etc...

Last night Dolores, Wendy, Lori were waiting for Celia at the Java Hut parking lot. I arrived right at 6:30 pm and the three of them were very nice to wait for me. Dolores said hi to me while handing me a "I am a Dork" notepad for work and home so people have no doubts about my cool treats. Lori was there ready with her clean black and red bike, and Wendy was also with a super fun new bike. Forgot the brand! Gosh! what kind of rider am I!!!!

Around 6:45-7:00 pm we took off for Tamarancho until Dolores suggested to do something different, so we made a U-turn and headed to Deer Park. We climbed Deer Park fire road to then descend via Madrone and Flying Squirrel trails. It was a fun 1.5 hour ride. My first time doing those trails on my single speed, I had more fun than I originally thought on that bike. What a workout!

After the ride, we were all happy and relaxed. It was cool leaving all the stress behind on the mountains.

Back at Java Hut parking lot, Sally showed up with our brother-in-law Jess (another dork that needs another one of those note pads). They were going to join us at Iron Springs Brew for dinner and beers. Jess made sure he told everyone his republican pro Bush politics, so we didn't talk about that subject at all.... Instead Lori and Jess talked about cooking recipes and tricks (while Sally and I were cored listening to that shit). You know, we like to eat and taste it, not to cook it...

I think this is all for now. I am a little sad tonight because Sally just left for Texas for a conference and I am going to miss her all this weekend. But I am happy Jess is still here and just prepared a gourmet dinner with seared tuna, mushrom, brussels sprouts, salad, yummy! Healthy and tasty.

And Friday morning I am driving with Dolores and Tom to Sierra City to do some super fun riding around that area. I hope it doesn't rain nor snow!

Let's ride next week on Tuesday Oct 17th!!!! Stay Tuned for the details.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Two Hot Mama Rides - Sep 27 & October 2

Special Hot Mama Ride: Featuring the Freewheeler Biscuits, Monday October 2

After an intense work meeting retreat in Fairfax, I drove my hot sexy blue truck to Deer Park to meet the Freewheeler biscuits: Barb; Nancy; Robin and Kris.

When discussing what route to do I noticed two things, first Barb wanted to climb Repack! and second Robin wanted to ride a fun trail that crosses Mt. Tam. With Barb's suggestion I started to wonder why many of the Freewheeler rides include nasty climbs. I thought it was because of Randy's preferences but I wonder if the wife has anything to do with this? who knows.... And with Robin's suggestion, I noticed how determined she was to ride that particular trail.. perhaps because she already had planned the whole ride from the previous week when we talked at the book club...

Barb had to compromise her eagerness to climb steep fire roads, so we decided to climb Rock Springs instead. Barb and Robin were always ahead talking non stop during the whole climb while Nancy, Kris and I were taking very slowly also talking non stop. All of us were of course talking about everything BUT bikes or bike parts.

Once we reached this super fun trail we started the fun part of the ride, and at mid point on that trail finally Robin spell out her riding plans, to go down this other secret trail, a really fun downhill trail that dropped us at the Lagunitas Lake. We continued going down toward Deer Park through some other trails. It was a fun technical ride!

Regular Hot Mama Ride, Wednesday September 27th
Only Celia, myself, showed up for last week ride. I decided to ride Tamarancho and tried to go as fast as possible without stopping just for the hell of it because I am not training these days.... However, I couldn't follow my plans. First, I met Mike Joyce, one of the Hot Mama Boys who has been gone in the East Coast for some time so we had to catch up a little. Then I saw Matt with some girl I don't know and couldn't ask for her email to get her into this Hot Mama Rides. And when I was finishing the loop, a couple of guys yield at me to stop to ask me if I could slow down and guide them out of Tamarancho. It was dark already and they didn't have lights.

After I was back in town I went to Cafe Amsterdam where the Freewheeler biscuits were meeting for their book club. It was that night that I got accepted to be part of the club and also when the girls planned the ride for Monday October 2nd.

Click the map below for some Tamarancho stats:
Map of Hot Mama Tamarancho