Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weight Loss Ride in the Headlands

My body reached the 135 pounds mark and Dana told me she wanted to do some climbing to get in shape, so I planned this Friday ride in the Headlands with training and weight loss in mind. It was raining and foggy so I bribed Dana with hot chocolate after the ride plus assured her and she was going to ride some fun trails for the first time.

This is me deciding what rain gear to bring.

This is the map with the route and the prize after the ride, yummy hot chocolate. The route consisted basically going to the Golden Gate bridge and back home via Hill 88. Dana didn't realize what she was getting into...

This is Dana finally committing to the weight loss ride.

This is Poncho telling us we are nuts for riding in this weather and very sad because Dana didn't bring his big strong handsome boyfriend Hawk.

This is a mountain lion's poop we found during the ride.

I promise we didn't eat it because I knew about Dana's cinnamon roll with peanut butter jelly. I always beg her for a couple of bites. She wasn't so mad at me for taking her to this ride yet, so she let me have a big bite. Behind the cinnamon roll is Rodeo beach at the Headlands.

We found rescue teams practicing rescuing people from big cliffs and we were amazed by all the equipment they use.

And by now, after riding 19 miles and climbing 4,652 feet under the rain for about 6 hours Dana was really mad at me.

The fun trails we did and the hot chocolate, beer and pizza after the ride didn't snap Dana out of her bad mood. Before she left the house she told me: "I won't ride the Headlands in 20 years!"

But after some days in another ride, she told me she lost 4 pounds. I lost one pound only! That wasn't fair!

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