Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sunday Dec 2 - Rockville with the Ladies

We were all behaving as ladies should by the beginning of our hot mamas ride in Rockville. You can appreciate our distinguished poses in the picture above. From left to right: Celia, Dana, Lisa, our ride leader Karen, and Jackie.

By the end of the ride though, our behavior was unspeakable and shameful. As you can appreciate in the picture below, we were behaving like cheap drunk street women. From left to right: Celia a.k.a. Puff the Venezuelan; Karen a.k.a. Godess Saheeenna; Jackie a.k.a. Fearless Jumper; Dana a.k.a. Crossdresser; and Lisa a.k.a. Common Sense Wannabe. Everything started by some weird feather ritual our leader asked us to do just a few minutes into our ride. (I actually think she probably arrived to Rockville a few minutes earlier, sacrificed a bird, ate it and left the feathers around for the ritual). Karen told us to place the feathers in our helmets so we could "fly" the trails. Since she was the ride leader, we just obeyed her and did so. Here is Karen placing magic feathers on Lisa's helmet. Lisa already looks weird... Dana already with her feathers with a weird shape jacket on her backpack. Here is Jackie putting her feathers on her helmet. Weird... Celia with hers as well, feeling weird with a funny smile already. We then proceeded to look at that rock Dana has been dreaming about for months. A rock in the shape of a perfect ramp about 3 feet and a half high. Look how high Dana's right foot is!!! And Dana is a quite tall woman! Karen, Celia and Jackie's feathers helped them jump over the rock several times. But one of Jackie's feathers fell from her helmet right before her last jump and DAAANG!!$#@^% she felt on her ribs. Fortunately she was able to keep going with the ride, although she was more conservative on her riding. Wise decision. Here is Jackie lauching the rock right before her crash. After jumping the rock, we went playing in the rock garden while invoking Saheeenna's powers and repeating the ride's mottos: "Saheeenna!", "pedal like a dyke", "lean back like the pooping position" when jumping and riding downhill shoots. Here is Dana tangled on a tree after a crash. We finally took time off to rest and eat... and humm ooops show some butt. And toward the end of the ride Karen showed us how to ride down a quite technical section, very steep, rockie and with roots. See Celia below walking the section up so you can appreciate how steep that section is!. Now this is Celia cleaning the section! Followed by Dana also cleaning the section! And I wanted to end this ride report with the super smooth style of our ride leader and teacher Karen Saheeenna going down the same section. What a rider!


Jackie said...

I just want to say thank a big thank you to you Awesome Ladies for such an amazing
fun ride today. I haven't had this much fun in a loooooong time. You guys are the
best, what a great group of crazy fun gilrs you are. Thanks for including me on this
ride. Love it and Love it!!!!

My Little CRASH wasn't so bad hehehehehehehehehehehe
I got home and I am fine. So no worries, little lady here will survive. It is a bit
hard when I am sitting or bouncing around, but God home took my bike from the top of
the car too a shower and few good. I'm sure I bruised a rib but so what, to have
another fun ride this I will give another rib for hehehehehehe just kidding, don't
need to be so mazoquist hehehehehehehhe

Can't hardly wait to get my NOMAD! I hope tomorrow...

Thank you all again and thanks for taking good care of me and all that. Lisa thanks
for driving me and for being so great driving me back and I am fine, no worries

I hope to see you al very very soon again. Can't wait to see the blog and pictures
miss Hot Mama!!!!!

Happy Cripple Jackie :-))

Dana said...

Yes, that was a blast!!! So glad all you gals are into stopping and
doing do-overs... Rockville to me is just a big playground to
increase your skills.
Jackie, I'm so glad you are feeling OK, and that rib is not too sore,
put some ice on it and take your Advil like a good girl, and you'll
be bouncing in no time.

You girls area all awesome riders, and I'm proud to be able to hang
with you, and someday I'll jump off that f*#king rock... Maybe.

Time for a hot bath!

Let's ride again soon,


Lisa said...

Hello you awesome riders,

You gals are such an inspiration, thank you for that
amazing ride yesterday. The grace, the beauty, the
brawn, you gals have it all! I’ve never seen folks
ride like that (except in the movies). Thanks for the
excellent tips: Get out of your saddle going up those
obstacles! Pedal like a dike! Call down the spirit of
saheeenna (or whatever Celia you were screaming)! Ass
back (assume poo position)!

You’re the best,

Karen said...

Hey Ladies,
Wow! Thanks for coming out and playing yesterday- I had a blast and loved
the laughter and smiles }:o) !!!!

Dana, we will get you off that rock when you are ready! It kills me every
time I think that you get nervous about going off the rock but you consider
doing that HUGE scary drop in--too funny. You do that drop in & I'll bow at
your feet! ( Possibly even kiss them??!!! )

Celia-- what can I say?? Great lines and skills.... And: NO more
Mary-G-Whana por jue on zee trail! You crazy goof-ball!!! LOL!
"Ass back and assume the Poo position" WTF? I must of missed that
one..... (definitely gotta watch your smoke consumption)....... tee hee

Lisa- great job on the Un-known trail and doing your roll in at the tower-
it's a great start, keep coming out to Rockville- it will help your tech
skills greatly.

Jackie Lola- Amazing jump- 1st one- you looked like a pro! 2nd jump- you
landed and slid like a pro!!! Glad to hear your ribs are ok.
(Hope your bike is finished and ready for her new home today)

I think you all are amazing ladies and I loved the day on the trail- my
stomach got a good work out just laughing with you- Looking forward to more
fun and trails with you all.

Thanks again and ride safe,

Karen said...

"Limits"??? If I paid attention to that I wouldn't be able to ride with you & Celia
anymore- you DH queens are making me do things I thought I was done doing!!!! I
just ordered an amor suit -- like the Knights use to wear way back in the day....
tee hee

Where has Celia been during all this email?? Where's the blog pics and ride
report? I think 'ol "Smokey" is dragging.
I have a new nickname for you Celia- it's going to be "Puff"-- hope you don't mind.

Dana said...

...Yes, Puff The Magic Venezuelan... Where in the hell are those


Jackie said...

Love Celia new nickname hehehehe

Yes, you girls got me doing things I thought I was done with as well and I am
soooooooo old for this, but can't help it, it is sooooo much fun especially with
your crazy DH queens, all of you!!!!!

I still here icying the ribs, they are sore, but can't wait to jump the same Rock
but on my new Nomad, if that bike ever get to be done. They didn't call me today as
promissed. Oh well, it will be done one of this days, I hope hehhehehehehehe

Jackie :-))))) I was thinking here about yesterday is was such a fun ride and funny
too, celia thanks for all the laughs. God where do you get all that energy, PUFF

Jackie said...

Hey yalllllll
I guess I hurt something on the stupid little fall. Had a hell night and called my
doctor anmd she want me to go to the ER, I guess I will go. I was good yesterday and
even went to spin class, but got home last night and can't walk streight up and can
talk much, breath hard or anything, it hurts like somebody stabing a nife on

I hate to get old heheheheheheh

I will be fine but I think will be good to check this old little body then

Off now to my favorite place

Celia Graterol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said...

Oye, Celia- Kochina, Donde estan usted?
I think we lost Puff somewhere between the park and home-- Send out the dogs and
get a photo ready for the milk carton.
Who's day was it to watch her anyway????


Saheeeenna said...

Very cool ride report! thanks for showing me at my best!! LOL! And as
one of the earlier photos show's, your best side too! Doh! tee-hee.
Don't mess with Saheeeena! Next ride, bring your feathers... a whole
bird is too much before a ride- I kept burping seagull along the trail!


mtnbecky said...

excellent post & pictures, Karen remember me from back in the day? I've been riding like every day up in my hills here in the east yay and I'd love to hook up with y'all sometime soon...wearing armor though! you guys are tough! the rock garden rules, I could stay up there all day & be happy...merry christmas hot mamacitas! ciao

Dork said...

Hysterical..... Love the butt shot!

Celia Graterol said...

hope you can ride with us soon Becky!!!!

Michelle said...

You are some Crazzzzzy ladies! Wish I didn't live on a rock in the middle of the ocean, then I could come over there and show you how it's done...

Celia Graterol said...

Michelle, can you show us how is done? I don't believe it until I see it! :-)