Friday, May 02, 2008

Sunday April 27th Hot Mama Ride Report

9 Hot Mamas showed up last Sunday ride! From left to right, the hotties were (click on the pictures to enlarge and better appreciate our beauty): Janet, Suzie, Veronica, Christina, Jessica, Jennifer and Celia. Dana was taking the picture. And Leslie..., well showed up a little later to ride by herself and meet up with us mid point.
Since Jessica was a mountain bike first timer, Dana stayed with her for some basic instructions and the rest of us went on to ride the trails. We thought we were not going to see them again but Jessica turned out to be a natural so they catched up with us while we were practicing the switchbacks.

Here is Dana showing the switchbacks moves.
Here is Jessica making the switchback!

Here is Christina and Janet on one of the climbs. Christina was meditating about the climb and Janet was pushing hard to make it. And here is Veronica showing some power as well!

Followed by Jennifer! look at her style!

Leslie got a late start but did the loop the opposite way to make sure she said hi!

And we even got some blood running down on Christina's leg

And here is our Hot Mamas Singletrack Chu Chu Train video!


Anonymous said...

Cool ride and cool blog Celia!!

Dork said...

That was a fun ride... Come and do it again Gals!


Celia Graterol said...

I LOVE it when you girls place comments on the blog!!!!
Hope to see you again this Sunday!