Monday, September 18, 2006

This Week Ride & Last Week Ride Report

This Week Ride Tuesday Sep 19, 2006
Ride date: Tuesday Sep 19, 2006
Meeting place: Java Hut parking lot, Fairfax
Meeting time: 5:00 pm
Starting time: 5:30 pm
Ride duration: 2 hours
Ride area: Tamarancho
Ride skill level: Intermediate to Advance*

*IMPORTANT: Hot Mama Rides are classified as follow:
-Beginner: not applicable;
-Intermediate: not very technical singletracks and not very steep climbs, e.g. the front loop of China Camp;
-Intermediate to advance: some technical singletracks and some steep climbs e.g. Tamarancho loop;
-Advance: challenging singletracks with technical descends, steep climbs and tight switchbacks e.g. back side of China Camp, the Dominican side.

Last Week Ride Report
Last Tuesday Sep 12, the Hot Mama ride went to the Headlands featuring Kris, Nick and Celia. It was our first night ride in a long time. We struggled a little with the lights but we were able to finish and enjoy a "bushy" singletrack ride as Nick described it. Oh well... we did get scratches and had to squeeze in between bushes and branches, but we had fun.

After the ride, Sally spoiled us with a yummy dinner and beers...

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