Sunday, September 24, 2006

Next Hot Mama Ride
Ride date: Wednesday Sep 27, 2006
Meeting place: Java Hut parking lot, Fairfax
Meeting time: 5:30 pm
Starting time: 6:00 pm BRING YOUR LIGHTS!!!
Ride duration: 2 - 2.5 hours
Ride area: Fairfax
Ride skill level: Advance*
Special Note: Hot Mamas will have beers at Iron Springs after the ride. Join us!!!

*IMPORTANT: Hot Mama Rides are classified as follow:
-Beginner: not applicable;
-Intermediate: not very technical singletracks and not very steep climbs, e.g. the front loop of China Camp;
-Intermediate to advance: some technical singletracks and some steep climbs e.g. Tamarancho loop;
-Advance: challenging singletracks with technical descends, steep climbs and tight switchbacks e.g. back side of China Camp, the Dominican side.

Last Tuesday Hot Mama Ride in Tamarancho
As planned, last Tuesday Sep 19th the Hot Mamas met at Java Hut in Fairfax. By 5:30 pm Coral, Dolores, Tom and Celia started pedaling toward Tamarancho. We had a nice ride around this awesome singletrack loop. We did it clockwise. Coral,1st place XC junior at Sea Otter, showed us her great riding skill. It was great having her in the ride.

After the ride, Coral took off home. Also Dolores and Tom also went home. And I went to pick up Nicole (my daugther) from her volleyball practice. I was supposed to get beer for me and Tom, and a root beer for Dolores, who was cooking some yummy pasta for all of us. Well, I brought the beer, Dolores had the yummy pasta, and I forgot her root beer!!!! ooops.... But I think Dolores forgave me.... Then we played with Dolores & Tom's new kitty. Super fun. And finally Nicole and I took off back top the school this time to pick up Andrea (my other daughter) who came back from a field trip. CLICK BELOW FOR THE STATS:
Map of Hot Mama Tamarancho

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