Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot Mama Ride Started in Spring 08!!!

Last Sunday March 16th, Dana, Celia and Dao did the first Hot Mama ride of 2008 at China Camp. Since nobody else showed up, we all went for a nice slow pace ride to hang with Dao who was riding Dana's bike for the first time. Dao got some basic skill lessons and was able to make several of the switchbacks. Dao was a trooper and she is committed to train and get in shape to then come back to the Hot Mama rides.

After we say goodbye to Dao at her car, Dana and I went for a fast loop while chatting about kids and friends. I was on my single speed and I have to say the front loop of China Camp is perfect for it! not too technical and without steep climbs. If you are starting to ride a single speed, China Camp is perfect to get used to riding wihtout gears.

Here is the schedule of the Hot Mama Rides sponsored by Mike's Bikes and Mountain Biking Marin. Girls! time to come out and ride!

Sundays: March 30th; April 13th; April 27th; May 11th, May 25th
Ride levels: beginner and intermediate/advance
Meeting Place: San Pedro Rd by the guard booth
Meeting time: 10:00 am
Rolling time: 10:30 am

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