Monday, March 31, 2008

Hot Mamas Resumes in 2008

Last Sunday March 30th, the Hot Mamas gathered again for a super fun loop around China Camp. From left to right, the Hot Mamas this weekend were Susann, Dolores, Leslie, Celia, Suzie, Kristy, Leigh and Dana.
Leslie, Suzie, Leigh and Dana went for a switchback practice loop while Susann, Dolores, Kristy and Celia went for a rocks, drops and more switchback sections practice loop. Dolores and Kristy cleared the creek drop with the sharp right turn switchback at the end. They were pros! Susann was taking it very easy because she is leaving town to visit Belice and didn't want to hurt herself before her vacation. Kristy was looking great on her new Specialize full suspension bike! She cleared one of the tight switchbacks of Jt Hall. And then when she was going to try the next one, well... she didn't quite make it and instead she decided to spill down the hill rolling down trying to catch her new bike to protect it from scratches. Both were okay so we continued our ride.

At the top of the camp we rendezvoused with the Hot Boys who were riding around some of the same trails waiting for their turn at 2:00 pm. Below are (Left to Right) Susann, Celia, Joe, Mike, Tom, Mario and Kristy.(Dolores was taking the picture).

And here is the Hot Mamas and Boys (coed group): Dan, Steve, Mike, Mario, Joe, Dana, Dolores, Julio, Tom and Eugene. (Celia was taking the picture). If you want to know what happened in this ride click here

Stay tuned for the next Hot Mama ride on Sunday April 13th at 10:00 am at China Camp. For more information visit Mike's Bikes website.

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