Monday, May 22, 2006

Hot Mama Ride Wed May 17, 2006 Report

Last Wednesday's Hot Mama Ride took placed in China Camp. The hotties this time were: Susan, Dolores and Celia.

We practiced switch backs and balance riding on boards while fighting the mosquitos to avoid being eaten up alive! Dolores and I got a good lungs workout by pedaling while not breathing due to catching up on our lives since we haven't ridden nor seeing each other in a while. Susan cached up with her life story as well. Once we ran out of things to catch up I started making fun of a classmate I used to have some years ago by telling a story about a ropes course I did. I was crying of laughter with my non-politically correct story not paying attention to the trail. I got my well deserved karma thanks to a small ditch on one side of the trail where my front wheel got stuck while I jumped over the handlebars. In the meantime, everybody and their mothers were passing us since we were keeping the promised easy ride pace. But it was too much for Dolores, so toward the end of the ride when the next guy asked to pass, Dolores lost interest on our stories and took off leaving the guy, Susan and I in the dust. We didn't see her again until we were almost by the cars.

As announced, we started pedaling at 6:00 pm and were done by a gorgeous sunset at 8:00 pm.

Hot Mama Ride Stats:
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Map of China Camp Hot Mamas Ride

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