Saturday, May 13, 2006

Welcome to the Hot Mama Rides

Welcome ladies to the Hot Mama Rides !!

The formerly Women Tuesday Rides (WTR) has changed its name for 2 reasons:

1) The ride's name doesn't depend on the ride's week day any longer:
The survey Celia sent by email 2 weeks ago shows a majority voting to change the day to Wednesdays. A total of 28 women voted, 13 preferred to change the day to Wednesdays, only 5 wanted to keep it on Tuesdays, and 11 were okay with either day. I hope Amy, Cristi, Jackie, Lori and Paula can make the ride <:-(

2) Representing the riders:
As shown in this picture, only hot women have been coming to this ride... a year and a half of hot mamas displaying not only incredible bike skills but also spilling breath-taking beauty all over the mountains.


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missdol said...

Celia, looking forward to hangin with you and the other girls!! Dol