Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot Mama Ride Wed May 24, 2006 Report

Last Night the Hot Mama Ride took Dolores, Dana, Linda, Karen, Celia and Tom to Tamarancho. Tom was a special guest always (well.. almost) welcome to the rides. Climbing at Rock Spring Rd. we found Paul who attracted to Linda like a magnet (you know, she is the tall hot blonde) decided to join. At least he noticed me thanks to my new Nomad "What a sexy bike!" he said. That is enough for me being the "dyke lite" Tom says I am.

Dana was ready to go when I arrived to the Java Hut parking lot at about 5:45 pm. Linda showed up right then as well. Dolores and Tom came riding their bikes and at about 6:05 pm we headed to Tamarancho. I was glad Karen was able to catch up with us at the camp since I didn't wait for her (sorry Karen!) because I was concerned about riding this secret trail with day light.

The seven riders re-groupped at the top of the secret trail. For the first time I was going to try my free ride/downhill bike on a technical descend. Convinced I was going to fly down the trail and leave everybody and their mothers in the dust, I went down first so nobody would be in my way! yeah! But after about 250 yards of the descend, the scary downhiller was reduced to a humiliated novice when the group found me head down stuck between bushes and rocks with my sexy big bike right on top of me. After they helped me get up, picked up my bike and made sure I was fine, like a dog with the tail in the butt, I took the last place in the line. Two good things from that crash happened though: by just pumping air and moving the tire around I fixed the flat tire I got (use tubeless with stan!!!), and the DH armours I wore protected me from hurting and even scratching my hot sexy body.

Dolores rode the trail much better than last time when she fell and hurt herself badly. She was rocking! Dana and Karen were also rocking even though it was their very first time riding it. Linda also cleaned some hard sections with no protection and a hard tail bike! I wanted to push her so she will fall into the bushes too but didn't have the heart. So at the end of the ride Dana and I agreed that we secretly will come back to this trail many times, practice until we can clean everything and then show off again as the scary fearless dhillers that we want to be!.

Back at the parking lot, Sally and Caroline were waiting for us to go for beers and dinner at Iron Springs Brew. Linda and Karen had to go back to their kids, but Dana, Dolores and Tom stayed. The Brew was packed inside and a band was playing music. We sat outside by the gas heaters and by some hot motorcycle guys that paid attention to me until Dolores showed up with her pig tails and pink accessories... oh well... I am a dyke lite anyway... and with a sexy bike that will make me a much better rider... you will see... just wait and watch out!


mtnbecky said...

Celia you lucky gal that sounds like a killer fun ride! alas I didn't join you cuz I'm packing up to go to Maui again to meet up with Sonny the hot hot hot sexy man that found me on the beach just 2 short months ago. And no, he doesn't ride! Well, a bike anyway.....:) so I'll try and join you before June 15 when my next icky cube job starts. So I've been riding w/the Briones Mafia on tues nights and hope you can venture out here to the East Yay Area at some point in the near, but I'll try and hook up with you in your neck of the woods first. You knew I got a nomad too right?? love Becky xoxoxoxoxo

Monica said...

Hola chica...Living vicariously through your stories until i feel better from all my injuries i've inflicted at the beginning of this season. rode 4 hours around east bay hills yesterday on my road bike & think i'll feel better to ride mtn by next Hot mama ride. Miss you ladies...Moni