Friday, June 02, 2006

Hot Mama Ride Wed May 31, 2006 Report

Last Wednesday the Hot Mama Ride split in two: Dolores and Tom went up Eldridge and Dana and Celia went up Loma Alta. We missed each other maybe by 10 minutes or so. Dana and I decided to start rolling from Java Hut and it seems just minutes after Tom came looking for us.

But we hooked up by cell and agreed to at least meet at Iron Springs Brew afterwards and tell our stories. Over beers, garlic french fries, onion rings and calmari followed by a yummy chocolate cake a la mode, we were chatting about our ride. Dolores and Tom discover a new awesome trail around Mt. Tam we have to ride one of these days. Dana and Celia were practicing downhilling in Solstice clearing all the sections several times.

The only stats I have are that we were 4 riders in pairs of 2. I screwed up my GPS so more detailed ride info next week!

Stay tuned for the next Hot Mama Ride!


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