Friday, October 06, 2006

Two Hot Mama Rides - Sep 27 & October 2

Special Hot Mama Ride: Featuring the Freewheeler Biscuits, Monday October 2

After an intense work meeting retreat in Fairfax, I drove my hot sexy blue truck to Deer Park to meet the Freewheeler biscuits: Barb; Nancy; Robin and Kris.

When discussing what route to do I noticed two things, first Barb wanted to climb Repack! and second Robin wanted to ride a fun trail that crosses Mt. Tam. With Barb's suggestion I started to wonder why many of the Freewheeler rides include nasty climbs. I thought it was because of Randy's preferences but I wonder if the wife has anything to do with this? who knows.... And with Robin's suggestion, I noticed how determined she was to ride that particular trail.. perhaps because she already had planned the whole ride from the previous week when we talked at the book club...

Barb had to compromise her eagerness to climb steep fire roads, so we decided to climb Rock Springs instead. Barb and Robin were always ahead talking non stop during the whole climb while Nancy, Kris and I were taking very slowly also talking non stop. All of us were of course talking about everything BUT bikes or bike parts.

Once we reached this super fun trail we started the fun part of the ride, and at mid point on that trail finally Robin spell out her riding plans, to go down this other secret trail, a really fun downhill trail that dropped us at the Lagunitas Lake. We continued going down toward Deer Park through some other trails. It was a fun technical ride!

Regular Hot Mama Ride, Wednesday September 27th
Only Celia, myself, showed up for last week ride. I decided to ride Tamarancho and tried to go as fast as possible without stopping just for the hell of it because I am not training these days.... However, I couldn't follow my plans. First, I met Mike Joyce, one of the Hot Mama Boys who has been gone in the East Coast for some time so we had to catch up a little. Then I saw Matt with some girl I don't know and couldn't ask for her email to get her into this Hot Mama Rides. And when I was finishing the loop, a couple of guys yield at me to stop to ask me if I could slow down and guide them out of Tamarancho. It was dark already and they didn't have lights.

After I was back in town I went to Cafe Amsterdam where the Freewheeler biscuits were meeting for their book club. It was that night that I got accepted to be part of the club and also when the girls planned the ride for Monday October 2nd.

Click the map below for some Tamarancho stats:
Map of Hot Mama Tamarancho

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