Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Oct 20: Mt. Tam Delight - Modified Version

Pam, Dana and I planned to meet at Deer Park around 7:30 am to start pedaling around 8:00 am. I was running 15 minutes late and couldn't call them because I left my cellular at home. Gosh! how dependant we have become to this electronics! I was hoping Dana and Pam were running late too, and my wishes came true. Kris brought the news to me to Deer Park since Pam called her to let her know she was running late. Kris stopped by before leaving for work. Thanks Kris!

We ended up starting around 9:00 am. Oh well... getting confused about starting times happens once in a while, plus the waiting was forgotten right away when the three of us were pedaling up Deer Park toward Mt. Tam. We did modify the original ride plan since we were an hour late but still got to ride awesome trails on that awesome mountain. It is almost too small to be called a mountain, but it offers so many different gorgeous spots around its skirts in all directions. I just love Mt. Tam.

During the ride we got to practice several sections several times. Pam was coaching me and Dana on different technical sections. And by the way, Pam cleaned all sections of the ride on her very first time riding it! And Dana cleaned several sections on several trails she couldn't clean before!!!

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