Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tuesday Oct 17 Hot Mama Ride

Last Tuesday I decided at the last minute to go for a ride. I called Dolores and Dana to see if they would ride with me that night. I couldn't start until 8:30 pm so I didn't think they would come. But I wanted some company. Dolores and Dana couldn't. And unfortunately I couldn't hook up with Wendy in time who went for a ride somewhere with her boyfriend. I then called Joanmary hoping she was in town and yes! she was available!

Joanmary came a little earlier to say hi to Sally and the kids. And we went for a Headlands 2 hours ride behind my house. We used the opportunity to catch up with our lives, talked about our new jobs and our plans for the future while paying attention to the wild life. We saw an owl and three deers, but no bob cats or mountain lions.

Let's ride next week. Send me an email if you have a plan for a ride.


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