Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hot Mama Ride Oct 10th Deer Park etc...

Last night Dolores, Wendy, Lori were waiting for Celia at the Java Hut parking lot. I arrived right at 6:30 pm and the three of them were very nice to wait for me. Dolores said hi to me while handing me a "I am a Dork" notepad for work and home so people have no doubts about my cool treats. Lori was there ready with her clean black and red bike, and Wendy was also with a super fun new bike. Forgot the brand! Gosh! what kind of rider am I!!!!

Around 6:45-7:00 pm we took off for Tamarancho until Dolores suggested to do something different, so we made a U-turn and headed to Deer Park. We climbed Deer Park fire road to then descend via Madrone and Flying Squirrel trails. It was a fun 1.5 hour ride. My first time doing those trails on my single speed, I had more fun than I originally thought on that bike. What a workout!

After the ride, we were all happy and relaxed. It was cool leaving all the stress behind on the mountains.

Back at Java Hut parking lot, Sally showed up with our brother-in-law Jess (another dork that needs another one of those note pads). They were going to join us at Iron Springs Brew for dinner and beers. Jess made sure he told everyone his republican pro Bush politics, so we didn't talk about that subject at all.... Instead Lori and Jess talked about cooking recipes and tricks (while Sally and I were cored listening to that shit). You know, we like to eat and taste it, not to cook it...

I think this is all for now. I am a little sad tonight because Sally just left for Texas for a conference and I am going to miss her all this weekend. But I am happy Jess is still here and just prepared a gourmet dinner with seared tuna, mushrom, brussels sprouts, salad, yummy! Healthy and tasty.

And Friday morning I am driving with Dolores and Tom to Sierra City to do some super fun riding around that area. I hope it doesn't rain nor snow!

Let's ride next week on Tuesday Oct 17th!!!! Stay Tuned for the details.


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